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Apply For Services

If you are not currently an Albany Utilities customer, please come to our Administrative Office (401 Pine Ave) to apply for service.

Information needed to Apply

New Customers

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to obtain utility services. Applicant must present a driver's license or state identification card in order to verify date of birth, social security number, and applicant's full name. In lieu of a driver's license or state identification card, applicant may present three pieces of identification: a social security card, birth certificate, and a Medicaid or Medicare card. A picture id is required. Physical location of service address (things like street or road name, apartment number, lot number). Phone number where you can be reached.Date services needed.If you have never been an Albany Utilities customer, you will be asked for the above identification along with name of relatives and the name and address of your employer. Copy of lease if renting property. Payment of deposit is required.

Existing Customers

If you are an existing customer, you can call our Customer Service at (229)883-8330 ext. 4501 to transfer services to another address. If a deposit is required, you must come in and pay before services will be transferred.

For existing locations, we can usually provide same day service if services are applied for before 4:00 p.m. For locations that have never had any services before (like new construction) we encourage you to allow time for inspection and running of lines. Please note that the GA 1-CALL LAW requires that we give a 72-hour notice before we dig, allowing time for other utilities to locate their underground services.



Your utility services will be turned on as you requested, but for safety purposes:

NO WATER will be left on if the service technician determines that an unacceptable amount of water is flowing through the water meter. Therefore, please make certain that all faucets have been turned completely off and that ice makers and all opened lines have been secured.

For GAS pilot lighting, please contact a licensed heating and cooling company to service your heating system and then light your pilot by the end of September.

All ELECTRICAL appliances should be switched to a "safety" position.

Make sure no items such as boxes, paper, etc. are on the stove.

If you must reschedule for any of these reasons, please phone our Service Department at (229) 883-8330 ext 4508.

For any additional information, please call our Customer Service Department at (229) 883-8330 ext 4501.

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