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Albany Utilities Bill Statements have a new look!

View Bill Online

Albany Utilities offers customers the convenience of viewing their utility bill online.  To access your monthly utility bill you must enter your Registration ID indicated on our bill statement located at the right top corner. 

To view your bill click on the secure link:   and enter your Registration ID.  If you have any problems, please contact


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 Pay Online

Paying your bill online is fast and easy.  NO registration is required.  All that is needed to pay your bill on the secure Western Union site is your Albany Utilities account number.  The account number is located in two places: at the top right corner below the registration number and in the bottom right corner.  There is no fee for this service. To keep cost down, no bill over $999.99 can be paid online. You may pay using your Credit/Debit card or checking/savings account information.

To Pay Online click on the link  and enter your customer number.

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